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Legislative Breakfast

On May 30th, CCPN hosted the "Early Care and Education, Family, Community and Local Leaders Breakfast". Members met with their local legislators to discuss the their work and share their experiences.

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Mission Statement

The Child Care Professionals Network (CCPN) is a non-profit association comprised solely of volunteer advocates, families, and professionals whose purpose is to improve the quality, affordability, and accessibility of early and school age childcare and education to families.

Member Experience

"Thank you so much to the CCPN Network. My students were lucky enough to have a presentation from Mrs. Julie Bowman on Tuesday from The Haverford School. She taught us how to combine art with storytelling and even donated her own book to our classroom. Mrs. Bowman came during her spring break, out of the goodness of her heart. Today one of my students said, "Ms. S-I saw that book at my job today. I'm going to do that lesson." And today we started collecting all the materials she will need.  Making those connections is so important and sometimes gets lost with all the other things we have going on. Thank you to this amazing CCPN network that has made me feel like I'm never alone in this teaching world."

- Erin Sparacio,

  Delaware County Technical School

Why Early Childhood Matters