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CCPN Membership Application

About CCPN

Child Care Professional Network (CCPN) is a non profit 501c3 organization, composed of certified child care professionals who are committed to providing quality, affordable, early care and education that is accessible to all families.

CCPN members maintain a commitment to quality in Early Childhood Education through; National Accreditation, Keystone Stars participation, CDA National Credential, Well trained staff in ECE or similar education, First Aid Certification, CPR Certification, Fire Safety training, Emergency Preparedness training, Professional Staff, CCIS Subsidized financial assistance, PA Dept of Education Certification, PA Dept of Welfare Certification, (Level of participation varies by program. Contact center director for specific details.)

CCPN wishes to salute early childhood professionals and thank them for the excellent care they provide to thousands of children each day. Without these wonderful professionals, parents couldn’t work, and businesses would have a limited supply of qualified workers.

Our Work

CCPN currently meets 4 times per year.  Important information and updates are communicated regularly through email and by viewing our website. CCPN hosts and promotes numerous professional development opportunities annually. CCPN also sponsors up to 8 Directors Forums each year. CCPN is recognized by Keystone Stars and The Council for Professional Development as an early childhood professional organization. We also...

*  Foster the understanding of the many services child care professionals provide and inform the public of the significant impact that early care and school aged education programs have on the development and future success of children.

*  Communicate the needs and concerns of families to the appropriate individuals and agencies.

*  Identify areas of concern that pose unessential restrictions on professionals and families and offer positive solutions that better meet the need of the children, their families and the childcare professionals.

*  Support, develop and deliver professional development opportunities that will enhance the quality of the early care and school aged care practitioners.

*  Ensure early and school age childcare professionals receive their respected place as specialists among community, businesses, state agencies and other professionals.

* Collaborate and share community resources, and engage in family and community partnerships. 

* Educate the community of the positive outcomes of investing in High Quality Early Care and Education citing current research and statistics. 

Our Staff

Board of Directors

Treasurer: Diane Lavin

Co-Secretary: Christine Taylor

Co-Secretary: Amy Rossley

President: John Sperduto

Special Committee Members

Margie Sebastiani

Maryann Melisi

Elaine Teefy

LICC Liaison

Barbara Orcutt

Diane Weindel


Office Coordinator - Bob Matthews